Diagnostic Portfolio

EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire

The EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire complements the Cordis diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer lines.


The Cordis SUPERTORQUE® angiographic catheter has a polyurethane, braided shaft and is available in a large variety of shapes.

TEMPO® Angiographic Catheter

The Cordis TEMPO® Angiographic Catheter has a braided, nylon shaft and comes in a large variety of shapes to meet the most exacting needs.

AQUATRACK® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire

The Cordis AQUATRACK® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire facilitates access to the most tortuous anatomy.

NYLEX® Angiographic Catheter

The Cordis NYLEX® Angiographic Catheter has a nylon body and is available as a Flush catheter only.

TEMPO AQUA® Catheter

The Cordis TEMPO AQUA® Catheter has a truly bonded hydrophilic coating, that enables a smooth passage through the vessel.