PTA Balloons

POWERFLEX® Extreme PTA Catheter

The POWERFLEX® Extreme 0.035" PTA Catheter is a high pressure balloon with high abrasion resistance and atraumatic flexible tip.

SLEEK® RX 0.014" PTA Catheter

The Cordis SLEEK® RX 0.014" PTA Dilatation Catheters deliver precision, speed and control in groundbreaking lengths.

MAXI LD® 0.035" PTA Catheter

The Large diameter balloon (up to 25 mm) for abdominal aortic needs. Short shoulders facilitate dilatation at the aortic bifurcation.

SAVVY® and SAVVY® Long Catheters

The SAVVY® and SAVVY® Long 0.018" PTA Catheters deliver precision and control in crossing and treating SFA and infrapopliteal lesions.

SLEEK® OTW 0.014" PTA Catheter

The SLEEK® OTW PTA Catheter is a low profile 0.014" over-the-wire solution for treating challenging infra-popliteal disease.